Get Involved

Festivals are great fun. As a volunteer you can help make things happen, make new friends, and usually get to see events for free.

Most community-based festivals in the city rely heavily on volunteers – from the person who helps clear up afterwards to the main organiser who has been planning it for months. There are so many different activities that go into making a festival successful, so there is bound to be something that you will enjoy.

Southampton Festivals relies on volunteers for some of the tasks that we need to get done, although we are also committed to providing work to young creative people and graduates who are trying to get their careers started. We look for skilled people who want to contribute their skills, time and experience to the community, while also offering ‘front of house work to those who just want to be involved.

We are in touch with other festivals and events in the city, and are anxious to support them – so if you want get involved, please do get in touch with us, adn we will help you find something that suits what you are looking for.


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